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Explosive And Initiating Devices

Detonators, Relays, Boosters, Igniters, Delay Elements, Actuators, ...

DynITEC is a leading developer and manufacturer of military igniters and detonators, energetic materials and electronic initiation systems.

  • Electric, Stab, and Flash-sensitive detonators
  • Relays
  • Boosters
  • Igniters
  • Delay Elements
  • Actuators
  • Cable Cutters

We provide a complete range of detonators and components to the Defence Industry. The range meets German, US, NATO, and other Military Standards and specifications.

Our line of detonators together with the compatible boosters and explosive leads provides a completely integrated system which can be matched to any specific fuze requirement. It is this compatability which is the key element in the high degree of reliability of DynITEC systems.

The large variety of explosive elements is our strength. DynITEC is therefore in a unique position to meet almost any need in this field.

Designed for use in

  • Fuze und booster systems as well as arming devices for a wide range of other ammunition
  • Point detonating self destroying fuzes (PDSD) for 20 mm to 40 mm machine and automatic gun ammunition
  • Fuze systems for artillery munition 76 mm to 203 mm
  • Mechanical time super quick (MTSQ) and PDSD fuzes for mortar ammunition 51 mm to 120 mm
  • Small to large calibre proximity fuzes
  • Point detonating (PD) and PDSD fuzes
  • Fuze systems for ballistic and guided missiles and rockets
  • Fuze systems for anti-tank munitions
  • Hand grenade fuzes
  • Fuzes for demolition charges
  • Flares, signals, and rockets
  • Torpedo fuzes